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Winter camping in Portugal

Winter camping in Portugal?
You may wonder, but winter camping in Portugal is becoming increasingly common.  However, we're not just talking about traditional tent camping.

We're talking about winter camping in accommodation that gives you a camping experience, with the comfort and warmth of a lodge, or caravanning in a motorhome or roof-top tent, with all the comforts and amenities you need.

At one of our campsites - from São Pedro de Moel to São Torpes - you can choose from accommodation designed to give you the comfort you need during the cold days, from which you can choose to camp in a fully equipped and heated Bungalow; or in a Mini Home equipped with a bathroom and all the amenities you could need; and even in a comfortable Teepee. 

In addition, you can bring or rent a caravan or motorhome, as these are well-insulated and equipped options for any season, especially for those wishing to go winter camping in Portugal, where we guarantee all the services and necessities you require.

There are many possibilities for spending your holidays on a campsite during the winter. As well as accommodation that is prepared to face the cold days of this season, you'll also have a range of activities at your disposal that you can decide to do to enjoy the magical landscapes of winter in Portugal. 
Whether you're hiking or cycling, enjoy a few days camping in the winter in Portugal and make memorable memories of the season.

To keep warm while winter camping in Portugal, we advise you to bring thermal clothing, wear several layers of clothing and choose pyjamas suitable for cold temperatures.

Enjoy, (re)discover the Atlantic coast and relax to the rhythm of nature, between the sun and the sea at Campigir campsites.