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Camping Sites: a safe place in pandemic times

Despite the two general confinements experienced in Portugal, the first during the past year and the one we are experiencing at the moment, the Camping Sites have almost always remained in operation, which the Federation of Camping and Mountaineering of Portugal (FCMP) considers it is "very positive, especially for elderly people who are alone at home and prefer to be in the Camping Sites in contact with nature, having their friends and their support there", said FCMP president João Queiroz.

In compliance with all determined rules, including the closure of playgrounds and swimming pools, and knowing that the occupation of the Camping Sites has remained only between 10% and 15%, João Queiroz considers that there are “all conditions to maintain the distances and all the spaces disinfected, keeping the mini markets open and the restaurants closed but with the possibility of 'take-away', allowing campers to find any essential goods in a simple and close way.

"No outbreak occurred in any camping park" - highlighted the director of the Camping Federation, which is due to the professionalism of the park workers, who are "strictly complying with all the rules", including the limited occupation in Camping Sites.

With the creation of weekend packages, staying options for telecommuting or the creation of delivery services, Camping Sites end up reinventing themselves and becoming safe options for those looking for a few days (or even a season) away from the new routine and close to nature.

A growing trend, despite the great drop in tourists, is the number of foreigners who choose, even in the confinement phase, to continue living in Portuguese Camping Sites - either in their caravans or in rented equipment, stating that, even with the current situation in Portugal, feel more secure and do not expect to return home anytime soon.

Integrating tourist and local accommodation establishments, Camping Sites are part of the set of 52 activity types that can continue to function during general confinement due to covid-19.

With the introduction of Clean&Safe seal in the initial phase of the pandemic, Campigir adopted a set of strategies early on to provide customers with a safe and pleasant stay, contributing to making this type of Tourism one of the safest and continuing to be required in this phase.

So, if you are looking to relax for a few days in nature or change your teleworking routine to a sea view, get inspired by our Camping Sites and consult our safety measures. In our 5 campsites, located along the Portuguese coast, we have several offers. Talk with us and book a unique experience.

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