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Traveling by motorhome: the best tips for enjoying Portugal | News

Traveling by motorhome is undoubtedly one of the ways to explore the wonders of Portugal in a practical, comfortable and flexible way.

Getaways for holidays in 2024 | News

It's that time of year again. After all, the traditional 22 days a year are rarely enough, so taking advantage of public holidays and long weekends can be a real masterstroke to maximize your days off.

Best campsites in Sesimbra | News

Sesimbra, with its peaceful surroundings, natural landscapes and coastline rich in fauna and flora, is a favourite destination for camping enthusiasts.

Best campsites in Sines | News

Sines, with its picturesque coastline and serene atmosphere, is a favourite destination for nature lovers and camping enthusiasts.

Winter camping in Portugal | News

Winter camping in Portugal?
You may wonder, but winter camping in Portugal is becoming increasingly common.  However, we're not just talking about traditional tent camping.

Campsites with Bungalows for a Getaway for Two | News

From the serenity of the Alentejo to the landscapes of the Azores, discover the 5 campsites in Portugal with bungalows for a getaway for two.

Best Outdoor Activities with Friends | News

We show you the best outdoor activities to do with your friends. Discover our suggestions in the article.

The Best Campsites in Portugal for your Pet | News

Campsites with swimming pool in Portugal | News

The Best Campsites for Caravans in Portugal | News

Glamping in Portugal: 3 best places for a dream holiday | News

Glamping, or luxury camping, brings together the best of two worlds: a union with nature and all the comforts of accommodation. Explore the three Campigir suggestions.

3 Bungalows in Portugal for a Different Holiday | News

​The Bungalows are real holiday homes in a campsite environment. Self-sufficient, with a bathroom, equipped kitchenette and private terrace, the bungalows stand out for their comfort and are the ideal option for families and friends, all year round.

Discover 5 campsites to camp this summer | News

Então, já reservou a autocaravana ideal e ainda não sabe onde pernoitar? Ou, já tem a tenda às costas e não sabe onde a colocar?
Fizemos o trabalho por si e juntámos neste artigo 5 parques de campismo para acampar este verão.

3 campsites in Alentejo for a nature holiday | News

The idea of camping is no longer synonymous with discomfort in recent years. Nowadays we find camping facilities with conditions equal to or better than those of many hotels.

Saiba o que fazer nos nossos parques de campismo | News

Apesar do nosso país ser pequeno, temos muitos locais e riquezas para visitar e explorar.

Urban Art Camping Peniche, o local para os mais jovens aventureiros | News

​O Urban Art Camping by Campigir situa-se entre as praias do Baleal e da Almagreira, conhecidas pelas condições perfeitas para a prática de desportos de ondas durante todo o ano.

Santos Populares no Parque de Campismo Valbom | News

As festas dos santos populares em Portugal estão a chegar e a Campigir quer festejar consigo!

Vacation’s 2022: everything you need to know before booking your deserved rest days | News

It's time to book this year's holidays but haven't thought about them yet?
It is true that the pandemic has forced us to change many habits, including not making long-term plans. But, in the case of holidays and with the situation finally becoming endemic, if you want to extend them through holidays and “bridges”, you should think about and book yours now.

Casa Feliz visits Valbom Camping and meets some of its campers | News

The television program Casa Feliz, from SIC, filmed a entirety report at Valbom, a Campigir camping park.

RTP1 television program, Tenda à Costas, recorded entirely at Valbom Campsite | News

On the 2nd of August we had the visit of RTP1 team, who spent the day in the company of Valbom visitors and customers and got to know some of the charms of this Campigir Group Park.

Camping Sites: a safe place in pandemic times | News

Integrating adapters and adapters for local accommodation, campsites are part of the set of 52 types of activity that can continue to function during general confinement due to covid-19.

The best Portuguese Camping Sites by the beach | News

Portugal is known for beautiful natural landscapes, the friendliness...

Camping without caring your home on your back | News

If nature holidays are your favorite type of holiday but you just do not have the time for the camping logistics, this article is for you.

Are you going to camp in Portugal? | News

Find out what to take to prepare an incredible nature vacation

Campigir has a new Website | News

Campigir would like to show our new website.